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Porocel purchases Canadian catalyst plant and processing facility


Porocel of Canada, Ltd announces the acquisition of the Medicine Hat (Alberta) catalyst processing plant from Criterion Catalysts & Technologies Canada, Inc (“Criterion”).    Porocel of Canada, Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porocel International, LLC (“Porocel”).

The Medicine Hat facility will be Porocel’s fourth catalyst regeneration, rejuvenation and ex-situ presulphurization plant globally, adding to its other sites:  Lafayette (Louisiana), Luxembourg and Singapore.   This acquisition strategically positions Porocel to service the growing Canadian catalyst market.   The company will achieve growth with a focused, continued emphasis on HSE, and will be introducing new and innovative technologies tied to catalyst regeneration,  rejuvenation, ex-situ presulphurization and other related catalyst processing technologies.

We look forward to having Medicine Hat in our portfolio, and to a safe & prosperous future operating in Canada.

Terence J. McHugh      
(281) 469-0500
Chief Operating Officer, Porocel


Canada contact
Lyle Anderson, Plant Manager
Email:  landerson@porocel.com
Tel:      (1) 403-527-4400
Porocel of Canada, Ltd


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