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ALUMINUM OXIDE (Alumina, or Al2O3):

Aluminum oxide (Alumina) is a chemical composed of aluminum and oxygen (Al2O3), and activated alumina consists of several transitional phases of aluminum oxide. 


Activated aluminas are used in many industries that manufacture high purity products, such as in large scale purifications, where powdered or granular alumina can be used for the separation of small molecules and peptides. Aluminum oxide can be used to remove impurities from aqueous and organic environments because of its chemical stability.


Alumina, Aluminum Oxide (CAS No. 1344-28-1)

 Recommended Products

  • Chromatocel®  N-060  (20 - 100 microns)
  • Chromatocel®  A, B, or N-150 (Standard Activity Grade I, 50 - 200 microns)
  • Chromatocel®  A, B, or N-230 (Standard Activity Grade II, 50 - 200 microns)


A= Acidic, B= Basic and N=Neutral 



Aluminum oxide is a powerful amphoteric (ability to act as either an acid or a base) oxide, with powdered alumina having several application areas, including being used as a solid phase, adsorbent, desiccant and catalyst.


A variety of solid phase materials can be used in chromatography. Aluminum oxide, also referred to as alumina, is often used because of its amphoteric nature. Optimized particle size, surface area, pH, and purity make aluminas particularly effective for separation of small molecules, peptides, lipids, alkaloids, and a wide variety of other materials.


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The Chromatocel 150 and Chromatocel 230 series of products not only have applications in chromatography, they also have particle size distributions that make them ideal candidates for batch extractions or decolorizing. The 50-200 microns particle size range of Chromatocel 150 and Chromatocel 230 make them ideal for fast adsorption and efficient separation of the alumina once it has been used as an adsorbent.


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There are multiple separation techniques that utilize powdered alumina:  

Decolorizing, Batch Extractions, Liquid Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Flash Chromatography, and Thin Layer Chromatography.



Aluminum Oxide

  • Acidic, basic, or neutral pH
  • Particle size distribution (50 – 200 µm, 20 – 100 µm , or custom)
  • BET surfaces areas (200 m2/g, 150 m2/g, or custom)
  • Activity grade (Super I, Standard I, and Standard II – III are available)

Reproducible separations:
Tight controls over process parameters enable Porocel to deliver products with low batch to batch variability.

High Quality products:
High quality aluminum oxide products protect users from introduction of outside contaminants.  Quality assurance systems and qualified cleaning processes maintain the purity of the aluminas allowing for cleaner separations and can reduce washing steps.


Desirable particle size distributions:
Low fine content allows for efficient separations with reduced band tailing. The lowering of fines in high quality chromatographic alumina also reduces process back pressures and can prevent premature filling during column packing. 


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