Fixed bed adsorption has proven to be the most economical method of removing low-level chloride, in the form of HCl or organic chlorides, from both gaseous and non-aqueous liquid process streams. Chloride Guard Adsorbers are configured and sized for non-regenerative service and adsorbents used for these applications include activated aluminas, metal oxides, and, less frequently, molecular sieves.



Chlorocel 901
Chlorocel RCL

Chlorocel 905


Chlorocel 901 utilizes a patented multi-component chemical formulation to maximize the chemisorption mechanism.This results in chlorides being irreversibly bound within the adsorbent without increasing acidity. Low acidity means low potential for “green oil” and organic chloride formation. This unique formulation yields high CI-loading capacities and superior all-around performance.
Chlorocel RCL utilizes optimum level of metal oxide on alumina to ensure complete destruction of organic chloride and eventually adsorb resultant HCl. Chlorocel RCL is intended for use as a trim layer in chloride guards for additional protection against organic chloride intrusion.
Chlorocel 905 utilizes the right type of zeolite in its formulation to make it suitable for both organic chloride as well as inorganic chloride. Chlorocel 905 can be steamed to regenerate and used for another cycle.

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9: Chloride Control in Process Streams

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