If we determine the customer’s spent material is suitable for regeneration, the customer has several options:

• Reuse the regenerated material in the same unit (i.e. turnaround regeneration)
• Cascade it to another unit in the plant
• Store it in the company’s internal resale pool (offsite or at Porocel)
• Sell it to a third party through a consignment agreement with Porocel
• Sell the spent material to Porocel

Reusing the material internally makes the most economic sense in most situations. Hence, many companies with multiple plant sites pool their regenerated catalysts. Pooling gives their individual locations a wide selection of materials for reuse internally.

Customers can also sell the regenerated material to third parties through a consignment agreement with Porocel, but more often prefer to sell the spent catalyst directly to Porocel. This results in quicker payments and eliminates involvement in the regeneration and resale process.

Porocel works to provide you with a simple proposal for your material without processing charges. Our proposals define payments for each quality tier of catalyst upfront, so that no further negotiating needs to take place once analyses are completed.






As of November 3, 2020 Porocel is part of Evonik.
  • Evonik successfully completes acquisition of Porocel
  • All Porocel's products and services will be integrated into the Evonik Catalysts portfolio
  • Porocel sales channels will remain in place for the time being

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