Porocel technical services can assist in applying regenerated or Excel® rejuvenated catalysts to meet the customer specific unit performance objectives taking into account:


  • Feed properties
  • Hydrogen availability
  • Temperature constraints
  • Hydrogen partial pressure
  • Product targets



Porocel technical services can design a full reactor load from top grading (CatGuard®) and bed support (Durocel-222) materials through the main catalyst bed.



Porocel technical services offer HPC unit monitoring for a Full Reactor Loading (FRL) during cycle, such as:


  • Feed/product review
  • Operating conditions
  • Deactivation analysis
  • End of cylce predictions 








Porocel technical services can assist in troubleshooting unique challenges encountered during your cycle:

  •  Assist in identifying and minimizing maldistribution
  •  Investigate product quality deficiencies
  • Estimate the impact of feed and operational changes to cycle length


Porocel provides our customers with a wide range of services, including:

  •  Loading and start-up advice
  • Catalyst regeneration and Excel® rejuvenation
  • Catalyst presulfurization (actiCAT® and actiCAT Shield®)
  • Catalyst selection and testing
  • Unit monitoring
  • Troubleshooting




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As of November 3, 2020 Porocel is part of Evonik.
  • Evonik successfully completes acquisition of Porocel
  • All Porocel's products and services will be integrated into the Evonik Catalysts portfolio
  • Porocel sales channels will remain in place for the time being

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