Since the inauguration of activated alumina production in 1998, our aggressive development efforts have continued to result in new products, patents and improvements in product performance.


Activated alumina is obtained from a variety of feedstocks and undergoes a series of chemical reactions which depend on its intended use. Due to its numerous characteristics, including high resistance to temperatures and stability, it is used for a wide range of applications. Activated alumina is highly effective as an adsorbent or desiccant and is often used as a catalyst in various industries.

Porocel is a leading activated alumina suppliers in the US and worldwide.


Product excellence combined with our dedication to outstanding customer service and technical support has made Porocel one of the leading, global activated alumina suppliers.


Porocel offers activated alumina products for refining, petrochemical, and hydrocarbon processing applications.


Dryocel® 848

1/8 inch (50 lb Bag) $91.00 Add To Cart
3/16 inch (50 lb Bag) $91.00 Add To Cart
3/16 inch (2000 lb Super Sack) $3400.00 Add To Cart
1/8 inch (2000 lb Super Sack) $3400.00 Add To Cart
1/16 inch (50 lb Bag) $91.00 Add To Cart
1/16 inch (2000 lb Super Sack) $3400.00 Add To Cart
1/4 inch (50 lb Bag) $108.50 Add To Cart

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As of November 3, 2020 Porocel is part of Evonik.
  • Evonik successfully completes acquisition of Porocel
  • All Porocel's products and services will be integrated into the Evonik Catalysts portfolio
  • Porocel sales channels will remain in place for the time being

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